Laptops With Bad Credit

Laptops are currently one of the most popular types of computers, because of the low price when compared to desktop models and their portability. In addition, today they are much faster and have much more storage space compared to just two years ago, making them capable of even doing tasks like video editing. In addition, with the new Netbook laptops, if you are willing to accept a smaller feature set and less speed and space, the prices are even lower. However, prices are still high enough that most consumers will prefer to buy laptops using a credit card. However, how do you buy laptops with bad credit, or no credit history at all?

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First of all, you want to make sure you are getting the best price possible to begin with. You should always make price comparisons online between different stores; often the price for a computer at one store is more than 20% less at another one. You should also consider buying a refurbished laptop. People are often reluctant to buy a refurbished item, but this reluctance is unfounded. Refurbished items like cameras and computers have been thoroughly tested and are almost as good as a new item. To save even more money you can buy a used computer online, at a site like, although of course there is more risk with this approach. If you by a used laptop make sure the seller will allow you to return it if there is something wrong with it. Using strategies like these you may find that you can afford to buy without using credit.

If you still cannot afford to pay cash, buying laptops with bad credit is still possible. One thing you can do is obtain a bad credit loan. These loans are designed specifically for individuals with bad credit or no credit history. You have to be careful though. You cannot borrow as much as with a regular loan, and the interest rate will be higher and, most importantly, late payments can cause your interest rate to skyrocket. In addition, to get such a loan you need to show you have a steady income. Another option is to put a small amount down and pay the remainder with small monthly installments. Even if you have bad credit most merchants will be willing to use this kind of installment plan. Remember to make sure that the plan allows you to obtain the laptop right away upon making your first payment.

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