Bad Credit Auto Loans

Do you have bad credit? It's not the end of the world. If you look closely enough, many auto loan companies can get you the financing you need, and in the process, help you make your credit rating better. There are bad credit auto loans available for you regardless of your history. Here's a guide to getting one.

First, compare interest rates. Some opportunistic companies may take advantage of your bad credit history by imposing ridiculous interest rates and stifling payment terms. Don't let them abuse you. Interest rates of 10 percent are decent - anything more is just wrong. Beware! Some companies will charge as much as 20 percent or more. The key to landing a better rate is to shop around. There are plenty of reasonable lending companies out there. Never sign up for the first offer. Take time to shop around and see which company is willing to bend over backwards to get your business.

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Choose a company with a wide network. The more auto dealerships the car loan company is connected to, the better your chances of getting the best deal. Go with a company that has a nationwide network of car dealers that grant bad credit auto loan programs. If you don't like the deals offered by one dealership, they can easily hook you up with another. You will also have more choices - more cars or trucks to choose from.

Do not take anything less than excellent customer service. Remember that despite your bad credit, you are still a customer - you deserve the best service available for buyers with credit problems. Choose a company that will quickly and respectfully find you a car dealership that would be glad to give you a car loan at reasonable rates. How can you tell if a company has good service? Your first impression can say a lot. When you called or went personally to the company to inquire about bad credit auto loan facility, did they immediately give you everything you need to know? Do they answer your questions satisfactorily? They should be able to make your car buying experience a smooth and positive one, and treat you in the same polite manner they treat their regular good-credit customers.

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