Consider Unemployment Insurance As A Back-up Plan

Unemployment insurance can be taken out with a standalone provider so that if you were to be made unemployed by such as redundancy you would not be without the money to continue meeting essential bills. No one likes to think it can happen to them, but it can and it does, and unless you have planned for such an occurrence you could be left struggling. In the worst case scenario you could be facing losing your home if you cannot maintain your mortgage. You could also see your credit rating decline and be left struggling to pay other essential bills.

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Unemployment insurance is a broad term for a wide range of payment protection insurance that begins to pay between day 30 and 90 of being unemployed by such as redundancy, and it would provide you with the sum of money you insured against. You would be able to continue claiming on the policy for a certain period of time set out by the provider. Some providers offer protection that would give you an income each month over a period of 12 months. With others it might be 24 months. The terms and conditions will tell you and they will also state any exclusions that could apply to the cover.

If you have a mortgage to maintain each month then mortgage payment protection insurance can be taken out to protect just against unemployment. This could be an excellent way of ensuring that you would be able to keep up with your mortgage outgoings each month. If you got behind on your repayments by just one month you would almost certainly receive a letter from the lender. If you carry on having difficulties then you are looking at the lender seeking repossession of your home. Mortgage cover can be taken out as unemployment protection based on how much of your mortgage repayment you wish to cover, up to a certain amount defined by the provider.

Loan and credit cards might be a cause for concern; again you can protect them and ensure you have the needed money each month with loan payment protection. The policy would allow you to service your monthly loan repayments or credit card bill as though you were still working and you would be able to maintain them for the time stated in the cover.

Your income in general can also be covered with unemployment insurance. If you were to struggle for many months to find a job it would be able to maintain all of your essential outgoings while you found work. Jobs are not easy to come by in this day and age so it could be many months before you found suitable work. During this time you would not want to be worrying about how you were going to manage to pay your mortgage or loans. You would also not have to worry about feeding your family or paying any of the smaller bills that mount up each month.

Unemployment insurance can be an excellent form of back-up plan on which to fall and can be bought with peace of mind from an independent provider. Always shop around and get several quotes from which to make a comparison when considering taking out protection this way as the quotes do differ with each provider.

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