Bad Credit Auto Loan: Keeping Bad Credit History Aside

Bad credit auto loan is in style since decade and many lenders offer a range of cheap yet competitive secured and unsecured loans. With an estimated one in six people having a terrible credit history in the UK, lenders have specially developed a loan package for people of such background. Bad credit auto loan is gaining popularity nowadays because it provides solution for those having dubious credit record.

If your credit record is less than perfect then getting a loan from high street lender can be difficult. A bad credit history can result from defaults on payment, bankruptcy, previous mortgage arrears, county court judgements (CCJ) or through difficult financial situation caused by redundancy or breakdown of a relationship. Bad credit auto loan [] can be obtained despite your horrible credit scores.

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Bad credit auto loan can be secured and unsecured loans. A secured bad credit auto loan is secured against your property by offering collateral. The advantage of bad credit auto loan is that borrowers have to pay less interest rate as compared to unsecured bad credit auto loan interest rates. Payment duration ranges from five years to thirty years. So, it is convenient for the borrowers to pay off the loan early.

Unsecured bad credit auto loan is not secured against any property. Interest rates of bad credit auto loan are on higher side. Loan process is fast and simple. Since bad credit auto loan is a short term loan, it is ideal for car financing.

However, choice is yours, whether you borrow secured bad credit auto loan or unsecured bad credit auto loan, the motto is to get the best deal.

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