Why Home Mortgage Loans With Bad Credit Mean Understanding the FICO Credit Score Process First

It might seem that loan applications in general are a lottery, with the chances of securing the funds needed dependent on a quota set by lending institution. On the surface, this seems logical, but in fact a lot of the process depends on other things. That is why, when buying a home, mortgage loans with bad credit are available.

Beating the process requires having knowledge of it, and so be able to provide lenders with the information needed to convince them their trust is worthwhile. Assessments of home loan applications are influenced by credit scores, but understanding how those scores are calculated can help applicants prepare for the process better.

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It also allows applicants a chance to identify how to set about improving their credit status. So, while there is no such thing as a guaranteed mortgage loan with bad credit, through this method the chances of success are greatly increased.

Understanding Your Credit Score

In essence, a credit score is simply a representation of the degree of trust that a lender can have in a borrower, based on their borrowing history. This is important when seeking even small loans, so when seeking home mortgage loans with bad credit, it is understandable that lenders take particular interest in the score itself.

How it is calculated is quite complicated, but basically missing repayments, defaulting on loans and being declared bankrupt affects the score in a bad way, while making repayments on time and clearing debts affects the score in a good way. Rather than killing off the chances of getting a home loan, a low score really only means a higher rate of interest will be charged.

FICO is one of the main credit agencies that issue these scores. The system scoring ranges between 300 and 800. A low score is anything below 650 but a score of 700 upwards is a good score. While not making success guaranteed, mortgage loans with bad credit are more likely to be approved when your score is known.

How to Change Your Score

There are a number of ways to change your FICO credit score for the better, before lodging an application for a home mortgage loan with bad credit. The first step is to find out how your score became low, and for a small fee, a credit report will provide those details of your credit history.

The best way to improve your rating ahead of a home loan application is to take out a personal loan to consolidate existing debts. For example, $1,000 per month may be needed to cover payments on a personal loan, a car loan and credit card debt. The existing debts might be $30,000, but a consolidation loan could pay off all three and reduce monthly commitments to maybe $800, depending on the loan terms.

That the three loans were repaid will improve your rating, while the lower repayment sum frees up some extra cash. Repaying a series of small personal loans can also have this effect. While patience and commitment are guaranteed, mortgage loans with bad credit are more quickly approved with such improvement.

How the Lenders See It

Making these changes can have a major influence on whether an application for a home mortgage loan with bad credit is successful or not. It is not just the improved score that dictates that fact. The lender will see that the person looking for a home loan with bad credit from them is serious about the commitment that needs to be made.

Of course, as already mentioned, there is no such thing as a guaranteed mortgage loan with bad credit, but these steps at least point towards a greater chance of success. And, with online lenders more accommodating towards people seeking loans, including home mortgage loans, with bad credit, the opportunities are certainly there.

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